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What used for tensile fabric structure ?

What used for tensile fabric structure ?

Tensile structures generally used for  light colored roofs to reduce the heat that is attracted. They use very small amounts of material for large spans; they allow for natural ventilation using the Venture effect and they provide translucency for natural day lighting.

What is tensile fabric made of ?

A coated structural fabric consists of a woven base cloth stabilized and protected by a coating on both sides. The base cloth consists of warp threads running the length of the roll and weft threads running across the width.

The Properties of Fabrics for Tensile Structures

There are  different properties of a fabric which are considered for design are

1- Tensile Strength

It is a basic indicator of relative strength. It is fundamental for architectural fabrics that function primarily in Tensile.

2. Tear Strength

Tear strength is important in that if a fabric ruptures in place, it generally will do so by tearing.

3. Adhesion Strength

It is a measure of the strength of the bond between the base material and coating or film laminate that protects it. It is useful for evaluating the strength of welded joints for connecting strips of fabric into fabricated assembly.

4. Retardant 

Fabric that contains a flame-retardant coating can withstand even a very hot point source. However, it can still burn if a large ignition source is present.

5. Flexibility

Tensile fabric allows one to use free form in  Tensile Structure  as it is flexible material.

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