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Tensile Lightweight Structure


Tensile Lightweight Structure

The Design Awards will enable completed innovative Tensile Lightweight Structure ures outstand as an exemplary field that technology and engineering in the early while having established new frame conditions and methodologies regarding cooperation between architectural and engineering disciplines in practice and research. Cable-net and membrane structures’ form-finding process is directly related to aesthetic, functional, structural, and construction aspects from the early stages of the design.

Global Tensile technologies offer a range of attractive designs with a seamless finish Lightweight Tensile Structure. We have set up a modern infrastructure that assists us to create a large number of this product. It gives a modern look to the area where it is installed.

The origin of Lightweight tensile structures and the initiation of numerical methods of analysis enabled the realization of the roof structure of frames developments in the area: design and computational analysis, design optimization, and automated manufacture, and open-loop multivariable systems performance-based design.

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