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Polycarbonate sheet structure


Polycarbonate sheet structure

Polycarbonate sheet structures offer a range of colors, finishes, and structures. These polycarbonate sheets provide multiple outstanding application benefits like lightweight, ease of installation, high stiffness, excellent thermal insulation, long-term light, UV & condensation resistance, etc. From conservatories, commercial greenhouse sheets, and swimming pool transmissions, to industrial buildings, offices, and football stadium are used to help deliver creative easy-to-install glazing that is built to last. These products are backed by a limited written warranty against excessive yellowing, loss of light transmission, and loss of strength due to weathering.

What are the Features of polycarbonate sheets?

  1. UV Resistance– The proprietary UV-protected surface of the polycarbonate sheet provides superior resistance to outdoor weathering. This unique protection helps to prevent discoloration of sensitive material such as fabrics or other organic materials placed under or behind polycarbonate sheet glazing in, for example, a factory warehouse, museum, or shopping center.
  2. Fire Test Performance- polycarbonate sheet can offer exceptionally good flame resistance, according to Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL94), and excellent heat stability.
  3. Sound insulation- The sound insulation characteristic of material is largely pre-determined by its stiffness, mass, and physical construction. According to the DIN52210-75 test, that has been carried out at SABIC Innovative Plastics Laboratories, a polycarbonate sheet can provide good insulation with 24dB maximum obtainable sound.

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